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Beautiful Sunset Fan (Xi Yang Mei Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan)

Beautiful Sunset Fan (Xi Yang Mei Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan)

Sunday, June 23       9:30-Noon and 2-4:30

Beautiful Sunset Fan was created by world reknowned Tai chi teacher, Professor Li Deyin. The form is based on Tai chi movements as well as other movements from Chinese martial arts blended together. Beautiful Sunset Fan contains slow and fast movements designed to promote strength and flexibility, as well as balance and agility. 

 We will be studying the first half of the routine, using a moderate learning pace with a focus on fan and movement basics. See the routine here: Fan Video. The first half ends at 1:58. This seminar is geared for beginners as well as the intermediate/advanced student.

Tuition: 35 for 1 session, 60 for both sessions (Check or Cash only)

 Instructor: Sara Gellhorn

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Night School Starts March 19!

On Tuesday evenings from March 19th to April 23rd we will be hosting the Chester County Night School Timeless T'ai chi class. This means that the class will focus on the 8 step routine. 


Saturday, April 27th is World Taiji Day!

We are having a World Taiji Day event in Burke Park in Malvern on Saturday Morning, April 27. The exact events and times are still TBD, but we are planning to it for sometime between 9AM and 1:00PM. We will be doing group Taijiquan as well as Qigong. No stress, just everybody getting together to have fun in the park!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 新年快乐(xin nian kuai le- Mandarin Chinese for Happy New Year)!

This year we will be adding the Chen 18 to our studies as well as the Chen long form. The study of the spiral energies overtly present in the Chen form will help us to better under stand the more subtle styles of Taijiquan. Beginners will continue on with the 8 step and 24 form routines. We will also study some Sun style, as well as continuing to to review the 42 Form. We will also revive our study of the 18 Lohan Qigong. For sword we will study the 32 and 42 sword routines.

See you all in class,




Certificates of Achievement!


Recently we had tests on forms performance. Each person had to successfully perform solo with an audience.

Please congratulate the following students on their tests! 

Joe Eppolito: 8, 24, 42 Form Taijiquan

Amy Finkbiner: 42 Form Taijiquan

Lori Lighton: 42 Form Taijiquan

Trish Mangan: 42 Form Taijiquan

Mark Martinez: 24 Form Taijiquan

Adri Recio: 24, 42 From Taijiquan

Eric Stevenson: 8 Form Taijiquan

Ted Straub: 8, 24, 42 Form Taijiquan

John Terrell: 8, 24, 42 Form Taijiquan

Catherine Torhan: 24, 42 Form Taijiquan