Special Events and Other Happenings in the Taiji World            



Closed Tuesday Evening October 30

There is no power at the school, so no class. Also many roads are currently blocked by downed trees. Although the situation may improve by this evening, I think it ios better to err on the side of caution. Be safe everyone!


No class this morning!

Obviously we will be closed this morning due to the storm. Tonight there may be class. Check with me by text or email if you are not sure. I hope that all of you are okay and made it through the storm without damage.


Chester County Night School Begins

Chester County Night School classes start Tuesday September 18 and run through October 23. During that time on Tuesday evenings we will be focusing on the 8 Step form. 


Master Su Zifang returns to WV.

Now that Blue Heron Martial and Healing Arts can use it's dojo, Sifu Barbara Feldman is pleased to be able to welcome back Master Su for another fine seminar in the internal arts Friday - Sunday, September 7-9.  See her biography and the seminar schedule for more information.  And note the deep discount if you register before September 1.
Please email Sifu Feldman if you have any questions, or call after July 29.

Download the Registration form and Schedule here .



Named as one of “China’s 100 Outstanding Wushu Practioners” by the Chinese National Wushu Association, Master Su is one of the top students of Bagua Grand Master Sha Guo Zheng and Wushu Grand Master He Fu Sheng. 

With over 45 years of dedicated training, teaching, and competing, and winning over 30 medals, Master Su is internationally known for her skill in Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan.

 An excellent teacher and coach, Master Su has developed high level champions in both China and Singapore.  For eight years, she was Singapore’s National Wushu Federation Taiji Quan Coach.  Usually, Singapore is known to change its coaches every year.

Master Su currently lives in Santa Monica CA where she and her son, Yun teach.  She also spends several months each year in Asia, teaching in Macao, Japan, Singapore, and China.

Master Su is a brilliant example of how martial arts can help one achieve health and happiness.  Her kindness, depth of skill, and ability to share her passion for the arts carves a clear path for those who train with her.  She has an uncanny ability to work with everyone, helping each person “do their best.”  In 2006, Master Su received the Lifetime Achievement Award from PAWMA (Pacific Area Women Martial Artists).  In 2007, she received the Award of Excellence from the NWMAF (National Women’s Martial Arts Federation).





Holiday Schedule for the 4th of July!

Morning classes are unaffected by the holiday. There will be Taiji classes, both morning and evening, on the 3rd, and the 5th of July. However, there is no Taiji class on the evening of June 28th. I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Stay cool!