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Body Awareness for Taiji Seminar: Saturday, June 23  1-3PM

T’ai chi Body Awareness  Understanding Essential Core Anatomy For Effective Practice 

With Domomenic Lopez

Domenic completed his Bachelor of Exercise Science and began his career as a Certified Athletic Trainer in 1986. He worked with Sports Medicine centers and sports teams for 7 years before relocating to PA. Here, in 1993 he started a private practice in Massage Therapy and exercise consulting. He is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist and ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Domenic has been a long time admirer and student of Chinese healing philosophy and Taiji. He has been learning various forms of Taiji with Sara for the last six years. He also spends time practicing and learning QiGong from various sources including Jose Johnson.

 This presentation and workshop is provided to give Taiji students/practitioners an appreciation for the anatomy involved in the development of strength, flexibility, balance and vitality that is achieved through Taiji practice. The key focus will be in body awareness and how through the practice of Taiji we are activating and mobilizing parts of our body we take for granted. The awareness of these parts is crucial in improving your Taiji practice and achieving better health. This presentation will include some breathing practice that will help foster a better understanding of just how crucial breathing properly is to core stability and Taiji practice. Also, we will practice activating various components of the body’s core, the awareness of which is crucial to effective Taiji practice.

Malvern Martial Arts and Fitness Great Valley Shopping Center 81 Lancaster Ave Malvern, PA 19340

Registration fee: $30 Cash or Check.

Contact: Sara Gellhorn sgellhorn@me.com  Domenic Lopez domenic@healthymoves-pa.com