The Dao of Sara

When we are in balance we can move efficiently and conserve energy.   When we are in balance we can meet the challenges in the world with equanimity—calm, clear and connected, not just with ourselves, but with our friends and loved ones.”

 “The philosophies and discipline that ground our work in class are also the underpinnings of our everyday lives.  Whether we are musicians, teachers, scientists, waiters, sales people, corporate titans, or accountants—the fundamentals of relationships and the search for a balanced life are universal.  Finding a balanced life requires effort and conscious decisions.  We need to know how and when to go with flow, what it means to ground ourselves, and how to store and spend our energy with efficiency and grace.  T’ai Chi helps us develop the skills and knowledge to enhance our lives.” 







Sara believes that the study of T’ai Chi has more than physical benefits.  She sees it as a way for people to cultivate their mind and body connection and release the mental and physical stresses that hold them back in order to restore power and balance in their bodies and lives. Sara’s students have reported achieving physical and cerebral benefits as well as improvements in their interpersonal relationships.  Many report that their enjoyment, achievements, and many benefits far exceed their expectations and investment in their study of T’ai Chi.